Need a temporary place ASAP can explain the details more but I get paid on the 1 (Cedar rapids)

Need a temporary place ASAP can explain the details more but I get paid on the 1 1 thumbnailNeed a temporary place ASAP can explain the details more but I get paid on the 1 2 thumbnail
I'm in a situation where I agreed to move out at the end of the month after having an argument with my roommate and realizing that she is absolutely crazy. I do not feel comfortable living here with my dog and can explain all the details if you are willing to hear them on the phone. I want to leave this place right now and I have everything ready to go with probably one load of an SUV or maybe two loads of a car at least the stuff that I need so I can sell the few things like furniture and bigger items that I would be leaving in my room if I were to leave immediately. I do not have much but I am a hard worker and have a lot of job opportunities and current job opportunity that is unfolding with the first paycheck at the end of the month, I do not have any children and I'm age 39, heterosexual male but I am not looking for a relationship or anything more than friendship with a female right now and I have to reiterate this strongly because not only am I getting inappropriate sexual offers from Men on Craigslist here but I don't want any kind of wrong ideas if I were to move in with the female and at this point I would prefer to move in with a female that is cool with all of that or at least a couple so that I do not feel like there are ulterior motives of some kind of sexual favors expected for me because I am not down with that and do not want that I have many more important things to do. So, that being said please help out if you have read all of this and are serious about helping someone out I have a lot of job skills and can do nearly any kind of construction or renovation in return for room and board even for the time being before I get paid if necessary. Even willing to move out of state if it is somewhere like Missouri Illinois or Florida but I do not have a vehicle right now because I suspect that it was tampered with by somebody... And it does not work at all and somehow the transmission started to go out out of nowhere before the battery and all sorts of other little things seem to be faulty at a strange timing I don't know if anything is for sure associated with my roommate about that but it is an extra layer of fishiness on top of too many stacks of other things. I have made a big mistake of my judgment and trusting someone so in that way this is all my fault. But now I realize that I do need help and until I figure out something this is one way to cry for help when I don't have family or any friends that I can trust at this point. Hoping to hear from someone that can change that.

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